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Virus Removal Techniques

Special Case:IPH Virus

Initial Symptoms:
  • On double clickin the removable drive it gives a message "You are now in my control"
  • Running the command prompt opens a dialog box of shutting down the computer in 50 minutes.
  • The removable disk (pen drive) with the files iph.exed and autorun.inf
  • Never double click on the removable disk (pen drive)
  • Turn off the autoplay features on the removable drives (Try Tweak UI)
  • In the sytem with autoplay enabled hold the shift key when inserting the pen drive to bypass the autoplay features
  • Remove autorun.inf and iph.exe from the removable drive, before that kill those process running in the memory using task manager or process explorer
  • Safely remove the removable disk and re-plug in the removable disk to enable open feature on double clicking
  • Disable the system restore on all the drives
  • Delete the running iph.exe from the memory (task manager or the process explorer can be used to delete it)
  • Delete the file iph.exe and system.bat from the %system%\ where %system% may be C:\windows\ or D:\windows (i.e. C:\windows\system32\iph.exe )
  • Logoff and relogon the system if necessary
IPH remover download

Download the file, unzip it and double click it at least 3 times or more if many instances of iph are running.

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