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Virus Removal Techniques

Special Case: Remove Ravmon virus

Due to the ignorance, for the virus ravmon removal most of the users format the disk (ie system disk), but infact it affects all the local disk. Thus infecting again the system disk even after reformatting, causing them to panic. To fight with the virus please summon some patience. Take a deep breath and then go for work yourself or with one helping you.

Initial Symptoms:

  • The hard disk drives does not open on double clicking, instead gives an open with dialog box
  • The right click over the disks gives a menu with the unknown scripts screenshot
Source Files at the system
  • %systemroot%\autorun.inf
  • %systemroot%\ravmon.exe
  • Remove the files from all the local disks from their root autorun.inf
    c:\>attrib -s -h -r autorun.inf
    c:\>del autorun.inf
  • Repeat the above steps for ravmon.exe
  • Logoff and relogon and double click on the local disk to open

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